Our Services

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    Under a discretionary portfolio management mandate, PeaQ will take the investment decisions on behalf of the client. It has the discretion to choose the investments for the portfolio. With its experienced and qualified personnel, PeaQ is licenced to manage investment portfolios on a discretionary basis.

    The services, under a discretionary portfolio management mandate, are geared to high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors such as pension funds. PeaQ will take into account the client's risk profile and financial goals in working out the investment strategy. The investment assets are kept in a separate custody account, thus offering enhanced protection to the investors.

    PeaQ’s clients will benefit immensely from this arrangement as follows:

    • Clients are freed from the burden of making day-to-day investment decisions and can thus focus on other things that matter;
    • The interests of the clients are aligned with that of PeaQ and the churning of investments is not encouraged;
    • The client will have access to better investment opportunities through PeaQ;
    • PeaQ can act on available information quickly and efficiently, selling the position out of all their accounts in a single, cost-effective transaction;
    • The investment advisor is better positioned to seize buying opportunities when the markets dip and a good quality stock temporarily drops in value.

  • Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

    For non discretionary portfolio management mandate, our experienced team at PeaQ will advise the client on portfolio and investment issues while leaving the final decision-making on portfolio investments with the client.

    This service model is available for total or partial portfolios and it works well with clients who have the resources and expertise to contribute towards portfolio performance or for clients who want to retain authority over decision-making over their portfolio’s investments.

  • Pension Fund Management

    PeaQ is in a position to impact the returns achieved by pension funds through its investment strategies and the asset allocation. Working closely with the actuaries and the investment committee, PeaQ will aim to achieve the long-term objectives of the pension schemes. It will contribute to the investment process through its skills and analytical tools and also allow economies of scale to be achieved through the pooling of resources.

    PeaQ will agree a long-term policy or strategy with the pension fund and will work according to an agreed relevant benchmark.  By keeping abreast of developments in the pension industry, PeaQ will assist and advise the pension fund on its investments for the benefit of its stakeholders.